Thursday, February 24, 2011

you never know....

something i've learned since being in LA, you never know who (mainly celbs!) the day will bring. whether it's running into michael cera at cafe 101 or wrapping elliot yamin's christmas presents at pottery barn, you must always be ready to encounter the celeb species. like a vulture, i've been celeb stalking since i've been here, but the thing is, i always run into them when i least expect it. case in point, sunday while hustling down ventura to get into urban outfitters to stock up on sale priced hipster clothes, i noticed a very casually dressed female walking towards me and my friends, john and kris. (now, i have to give you some background. kris (allen) did in fact win american idol two seasons ago so now this upcoming story will make more sense.) she passes us then quickly says "kris?" we all three stop and stare at each other. none of us knew who she was. she then took off her giant sunglasses and we all (in our heads, of course!) said "ooohhh!" it was miss kara dioguardi. this was the first time i was "introduced" to a celb, and let me tell you, it was really cool! :)

i share this story for two reasons. one -- i think it's amazing that celbs fill the streets incognito every day and i probably walk past 3 or 4 daily but have no idea. that doesn't happen in arkansas, and it's something i'm still trying to get used to. two-- i want you to know that celebs are so normal, it's crazy. i mean yes, they're normal people and i know this-- but we've all been lead to think they are "snobs" or that they hate people talking to them in public. false. they've all been amazingly nice as well as so genuine. even when i talked to a few of them saying in enjoyed their movie or that it was really nice to meet them, they've been so obliged and showered me with kindness. so props to celebs for being cool and "normal."

ps- i will stay on celeb watch while i'm here and definitely keep you informed of any encounters! :) 

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