Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what happened?

for the past two weeks i've been desperately trying to talk to my friend ashley. she lives in texas and works like crazy, so with the time difference and our completely opposite work schedules it has been anything but easy to try and communicate. finally, yesterday she called at the perfect time and we actually got to catch up on life. heres the deal. ashley and i have been friends for a while, like 4 years, and were even roommates for a while, so we know each other pretty well. we've traveled overseas together, spring break-ed together, lived together, i mean we experienced college together, then she got a big girl job doing news broadcasting in texas and poof, she was gone. then i moved to LA and since then we've only talked a few times. but yesterday we both agreed. what happened? how did we get to be adults? how did we both move away from conway? how do you do it, grown up life that is? we contemplated the perils of adulthood and all that it meant.
and let me tell you, it sucked.

we chatted for over an hour about things like how hard it is to make friends, how do you feel like your a part of anything other than work, etc. it's just that in school we had dorms and organizations to help us find friends and we had campus events and clubs that we were a part of so that we were involved. now i just go to work, come home and watch tv then go to bed. it's hard especially because we completely started over considering we moved to new cities as well. it's so difficult to put yourself out there and try and meet people. it really is. i was telling her how lonely i am and how i feel alone even though i have my roommate and several friends i've met out here. it's just not the same as having your friends from back home. we had an incredible group of friends. gosh. like, people look their whole lives for the friendship we had. it's the stuff they make movies about. i mean, you think i'm kidding or being dramatic, but i'm dead serious. this time last year we were planning the most epic spring break ever. it was the best week of my life.

this is when we were carefree college kids wasting our day away in the pool. now...

now, i'm 1500 miles away from them. it breaks my heart everyday. but, i knew that we were going to graduate and go our separate ways. it's just like sometimes you just have to stop and think .... what happened? we were just in college and now.. we're grown-ups! woah! ;)
but i don't miss the homework!

i think about you guys everday! love!

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