Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh Craigslist....

So, before the great adventure that was moving to Los Angeles, I never really used Craigslist. Yeah, I had heard of it. but I had never actually been to the website and poked around. But upon the thought of moving and having to find a new apartment, everyone suggested Craigslist, and thus my new best friend was found. Now, if you've never visited Craigslist, I suggest that immediately after you read this post, you click here and check it out! There is so much! There is postings for housing, jobs, and my personal favorite... FREE THINGS!!! Thats right, it's like a virtual yard sale, only you don't pay at all! You simply go pick up your newly found treasure!
You're probably thinking what I was thinking the first time I heard this too. "What? Who just gives stuff away? I bet these things are in terrible condition!" And, let me be honest, some of it is, in the harshest of terms, junk. But, if you're willing to sift through posts and pictures, its so worth it! John and I are a testament to Craigslist and here's why....

John and I came out here with what we could fit in our cars, seeing as how a U-Haul was going to be several thousand dollars. Now, we both drive SUV's but still, that's not a lot of room for 24 years worth of things. So, needless to say only the clothes, shoes and computer could come, and even then my car was packed to the brim! (I'm not going to tell you that I had 4 boxes of clothes, 3 boxes of shoes, and 2 boxes of scarves/purses!)  Hey! Do not judge!  Anyway, we slept on the floor for a week, then my mom mailed me an air mattress (she's so sweet!) and I totally felt bad because John was still on the floor! So, I jumped on Craigslist one day and saw a bed for free. I drove as fast as I could and sure enough there it was, in all it's glory, a bed... for free! This started the craze. We have now completely furnished our ENTIRE apartment for FREE!! I'm pretty proud!

We got a pair of really nice bookshelves from a lady in Silver Lake.

Ok.. So neither of these came from Criagslist but they were both free so I thought
it counted! The TV we found outside our apartment and the stand was also found on the street, just a few blocks from our apartment.
Ok. This bed isn't from Criagslist either. It's from my friend Sara, but again it was FREE!  

 free kitchen table and chairs from Craigslist! 

free couch from Craislist. and let me tell you it's comfy! :)

So.. we successfully furnished this place and it's cost us nothing but the gas to get to the places to pick up the items! Go see what treasure awaits you now! :) 

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